Sexy Victoria’s Secret bridal lingerie

Sexy Victoria’s Secret bridal lingerie

There’s nothing better than feeling sexy and having sexy lingerie under your beautiful wedding dress.
Beginning the 2011 wedding season, Victoria’s Secret unveils their bridal lingerie collection.

While we do not all look like supermodels, no woman should be left feeling less than perfect on her special day.

This bridal glow exudes as the queen for the day slides her panty, bra, and garter set on beneath her crystal-encrusted gown.



Some consumers wonder whether the exclusive bridal lingerie collection straddles the tight walk between classy and kinky bride.

Unquestionable is the surefire blush of the groom as he rips the bridal bodice off of his new bride, uncovering airy ruffles, lace, and scallop detailed intimates.





(Photos Courtesy of InStyle and Magxone)


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