Bridal Hairstyles Long Curly 01

Bridal Hairstyles Long Curly 01

Step by step:


Draw back the top section into a ponytail, parting the hair just above the cheekbones. Notice the

placement of the ponytail in the photo. From just behind the ears, separate and pin forward the

section for tendrils.


Long Curly Hairstyles step 1


Behind each ear make a section as shown. This section will end up where it is clipped. Clip this

first one if necessary, then bring up the one from the other side.

Long Curly Hairstyles step 2

Long Curly Hairstyles step 2


Bring the two sections together, up and over the first ponytail. Put them into another ponytail.

Long Curly Hairstyles step 3

Long Curly Hairstyles step 3


Set all of the remaining hair. Notice the bottom curls are set vertically to maintain a spiral type

curl. Spray the set.

Long Curly Hairstyles step 4

Long Curly Hairstyles step 4


When cooled gently remove the rollers, do not brush the curls. Spray again. Separate the curls and loop them up, pinning at mid shaft and letting the ends hang loose for softness.

Long Curly Hairstyles step 6

Long Curly Hairstyles step 5

Side and back view.


Side and back view


Side and back view


This design does not have a lot of height. Setting is very important. Set with tension and

proper styling products for hold and control.

Headpieces: A backpiece, headband or a tiara are some choices. Draping pearls, a hat or ornament

the design as shown.

Gowns: This is a period-inspired design. A soft flowing gown would complement the texture in

the hair design. An off the shoulder gown would also set off the romantic look beauti-

fully. A bustled gown would complement the silhouette of this hair design.

(by Gretchen Maurer)


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