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Just Married Sign

Templates for Wedding Decorations

(By www.marthastewartweddings.com)

Message Flags

Message-Flags.jpgUpdate guests about happenings (the couple’s arrival at the reception, cake-cutting, first dance) by asking young guests to raise descriptive paper flags at the right time. Download the clip-art; print onto medium-weight 11-by-17-inch paper, and cut out. Roll the end of the flag around a 1/2-inch dowel and affix with double-sided tape. Tie a ribbon below the flag.

(Download Template)

Cut the paper into a triangle by cutting from the corners of one end to the center of the opposite end (use a paper trimmer or a craft knife and a metal yardstick or long straightedge).

Paint a 1/2-inch dowel white or whatever color you want. The paint will seal the wood to avoid splinters and will provide a washable surface, as well as create a polished look. We used an 18-inch-long dowel, but most lumberyards sell dowels up to 48 inches long, which would make a very tall flag.

Attach the wide end of the flag to the dowel with double-sided tape, and tie on a ribbon bow.

Custom Banner

Wedding-Custom-Banner.jpgWhy save the traditional Just Married sign for your car-aided exit? Hang it up at your reception and you’ll get more time to enjoy its message. Better yet, spell out your sentiments letter-by-letter using our alphabet template.

(Download A to Z Custom Banner Character)

Each character is encircled by a different border, a whimsical take on the old-fashioned look of vintage typewriter keys. Print the 3-inch-diameter designs on standard paper and cut or punch them out; make two small slits near the top, just inside the decorative border, and weave a 1/4-inch ribbon through. For streamers, ribbons are a more polished alternative to crepe paper; the pre-pleated ribbon used to make these swags comes in various widths.

Just Married Sign

Just-Married-Sign.jpgDecorate an entryway with a blooming branch, regardless of the time of year. Here, a leafless dogwood limb provides the base for a Just Married sign and gardenia blossoms that have been wired. (Download Template)

Patterned Flags

Patterned-Flags.jpgDrape a garland of festive flags made from scrapbooking paper — each bearing a guest’s name and table number — near the entrance of your reception, or simply make the banners as decorations you can hang throughout your reception. Creating the banner will be a breeze; get started by downloading our template.

(Download Template)

Just Married Sign

Just-Married-Sign-2.jpgPerfect for your getaway car or carriage, this banner will make guests smile.

(Download Just Married Sign Template)

To make the Just Married sign used at Jayme and Chris’s Wedding, print the PDF templates with the letter onto card stock in the color of your choice.

1. Using a craft knife and a metal straight edge, cut the cardstock into rectangles, using the guide marks on the edge of the paper (do not cut all the way to the edge of the paper; this will keep the guide marks from being lost as you make subsequent cuts).

2. Use a slot paper punch (we got ours at createforless.com) to cut 2 holes in the blank area above the number. Place each the same distance in from the edge, and duplicate the placement on each subsequent card. (Make-it-easy tip: Print 1 extra number on normal printer paper, and cut out. Fold it in half vertically, and draw a line 1-1/8″ in from the outside edge. Position the punch along this line, about 1″ from the top edge. Punch through both layers. Unfold the number, smooth out its crease, and use as a master template for punching card stock.)

3. Thread a ribbon through the slots to connect the cards, and attach ribbon to the car or wall.

Lace Backdrop

Wedding-Lace-Backdrop.jpgCreate your own photo booth with an oversize canvas backdrop. Download this design and take it to a copy center that can print the large file (we went to FedEx Office). Then hang it up at your reception and have your photographer or friends capture candid moments that you can add to your guest book.

(Get the Photo Booth Backdrop Clip Art: Click here or mirror here )

Striped Vellum Candle Centerpieces

Striped-Vellum-Candle-Centerpieces.jpgThis modern nod to luminarias — paper bags with votives inside — updates the look with chic stripes printed onto vellum and wrapped around straight-sided square glass vases.


Tri-Color, Aqua, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Black, Brown, Dark Pink, Light Pink, Gold, Grey, Chartreuse, Kelly Green, Mint, Orange, Peach, Red).

(Download mirror Striped Vellum Candles.rar)

Paper Magnolias

Paper-Magnolias.jpgMagnolia blossoms are beautiful harbingers of spring, but they’re fragile and can be glorious one day, gone the next. Our wilt-free solution? Mix real leaves with gorgeous paper flowers.

Magnolia Blossom How-To:

1. Using our template, cut crepe paper into eight petals. Scrunch bases of two petals together and attach to a stem of craspedia with white floral tape. Repeat four times.


2. Fasten short piece of magnolia branch to craspedia stem with brown floral tape. Stretch petals into cupped shapes.


(Get the Magnolia Petal Template: Download here or mirror here)

Luminaria Centerpieces

Luminaria-Centerpieces.jpgTo make these adorable luminarias inspired by cake-decorating stencil, download the template and print onto 11-by-17 paper. Fold the paper like an accordion or wrap around a glass cylinder.
Download: Template in Black, Template in Gray, Template in Orange

Download Mirror: Click here

Lace Luminarias

Lace-Luminarias.jpgWhen printed on translucent vellum in soothing colors, lace appears even dreamier and more ethereal than it already is. To make square luminarias beautiful enough to be centerpieces, we simply magnified the lace pattern. Placed in a row, with no extra flourishes, the presentation positively glows with sophistication.

Download:Get the Tall Luminaria Clip Art, Get the Short Luminaria Clip Art

Download Mirror: Click here
It doesn’t get any easier than this: Just print, cut, and wrap to make the projects here. To make square luminarias beautiful enough to be centerpieces, we simply magnified the lace pattern. Placed in a row, with no extra flourishes, the presentation positively glows with sophistication.

Cupcake Towers

Wedding-Cupcake-Towers.jpgThis project is not only a piece of cake to construct, but also incredibly budget-friendly.

Print our clip-art borders (we used text-weight paper) and cut them to fit an assortment of round boxes and lids. Then, build tiers out of the boxes and wrap the trim ’round and ’round them. After you’ve filled each level with diminutive cupcakes peaked with white frosting, the playful castles are transformed into edible art.

You can construct as many boxes as you need — just be sure to mix and match tall and short stacks.
These instructions are to make the exact replica of the towers shown here. This project is very forgiving, so you may use other sizes of box bases and lids to make towers; however, you may need more or fewer strips of clip art. These towers were made to hold mini cupcakes only.

Lace-Cupcake-Towers.jpgFor all the towers, you will need to print the necessary amount of designs onto 11-by-17-inch ivory text-weight paper. We used 32-pound. text-weight 11-by-17-inch felt paper in creamery (P_T32473), from paperpresentation.com. Use a metal straightedge and craft knife to cut at crop marks.

With scissors, cut freely around scallops, leaving approximately 1/8 inch of white border. If your pattern does not bleed off the edge of the paper, cut off white ends, so that the pattern can match seamlessly. To attach the clip-art lace to the edge of the platforms, secure with double-sided tape and overlap ends by about 1/4 inch so the design matches.

Short Three-Tier Tower How-To

Lace-Cupcake-Towers-how-to.jpgFor the Short Three-Tier Tower you will need the following boxes:

Hofcraft round box set DC280061
Hofcraft round box set DC280065
The Craft Pedlars shallow round box set 1009723
1. Trace the bottom of each box or lid on ivory text-weight paper, and cut out circle with scissors. Flip box so open portion of the box is facing down and glue the paper circle to top.
Assemble the tower by stacking the boxes in this order from bottom to top:

Riser one: (bottom) 9-inch-wide-by-2 1/2-inch-high box from 1009723.
Platform one: Lid from the 13-inch-wide-by-7 1/2-inch-high box from DC280065.
Riser two: 8-inch-wide-by-2 1/2-inch-high box from 1009723.
Platform two: Lid from 10 1/4-inch-wide-by-6-inch-high box from DC280065.
Platform three: (top) Lid from the 6 7/8-inch-wide-by-6 3/4-inch-high box from DC280061.

2. Print 3 copies of design A, and cut into strips. For this tower, you will need 6 whole strips and 2 half-sized strips, so be prepared to cut one strip in half.

3. Secure 1 strip of the lace pattern A with double-stick tape to platform 1 so the strip just touches the table. Cover the rest of the platform, overlapping each strip about 1/4 inch so pattern matches.

4. Attach 1 strip of lace pattern A to platform 2 so it touches the base of platform below. Repeat to cover the rest (you will need one half-sized strip). Repeat process with platform 3 using 1 whole strip and 1 half-strip.

Tall Three-Tier Tower How-To

1. Trace the bottom of each box or lid on ivory text-weight paper, and cut out circle with scissors. Flip box so open portion of the box is facing down and glue paper circle to top.
Assemble the tower by stacking the boxes in this order from bottom to top:

Platform one: 13-inch-wide-by-7 1/2-inch-high box from DC280065.
Platform two: 9 1/4-inch-wide-by-5-inch-high box from DC280065.
Platform three: Round 4 1/2-inch-wide-b-2 1/2-inch-high box from 1005201.

2. Print 1 copy of design A, three copies of design B, and two copies of design D. For this tower you will need 6 strips of design B, two strips of design D, and one strip of design A.

3. For platform 1, attach 1 strip of design B so bottom of strip ends 3 1/2 inches up from the table. Repeat with 2 more strips of design B. Next take another strip of design B and attach it so the bottom edge just touches the table. Repeat with 2 more strips of design B so platform 1 is completely wrapped in a double-layered lace design.

4. Cover edge of platform 2 with 2 strips of design D.

5. Cover edge of platform 3 with 1 strip of design A.

Download: Get Design A Clip Art, Get Design B Clip Art, Get Design D Clip Art
Download Mirror: Click here

Flower Swizzle Sticks

Flower-Swizzle-Sticks.jpgSwizzle sticks topped with crepe paper flowers — a spider chrysanthemum and a sleek calla lily — add zest to lime spritzers.

How to Make It

Calla Lily: Cut a 5-inch petal freehand (or download the template here) from a single layer of two-toned green crepe paper. Affix 5 pearl stamens (found at crafts stores) to the end of stirrer with floral tape. Place stamen end of stirrer in center of crepe paper petal; wrap petal around stirrer to form blossom; bind with floral tape.

Flower-Swizzle-Sticks-how-to.jpgChrysanthemum: Cut a 2-inch-wide strip from prefolded crepe paper (do not unfold). Fringe with scissors (or download the template here). Unfold paper, and wind strip around end of stirrer; wrap with floral tape to secure. Fluff fringed ends to form a blossom.

Download: Calla Lily, Chrysanthemum.
Download Mirror: Click here

Flower Girl Parasol

Flower-Girl-Parasol.jpgFlower girls are pretty adorable as they are, but we’ve found a way to pile on even more cuteness: Instead of having them scatter blossoms as they amble down the aisle, have them be the blossoms by carrying these petal-topped rice-paper umbrellas! Added bonus? After the ceremony, they can tote the pretty parasols home as favors.

Download: the Petal Template.
Download Mirror: the Petal Template


Download our petal template and print it onto a letter-size sheet of paper.


Accordion-fold crepe paper 8 times, folding every 4 1/2 inches. Trace template onto the crepe paper.


Cut along the traced line through all the layers of the crepe paper to create the petal tips.


Unfold the crepe paper completely, making certain not to tear it, and lay it flat.


Wrap the flat edge of the crepe paper around the cap of an open parasol, cinching it as you work.


Secure the gathered crepe paper around the cap using a rubber band or a thin strip of pretty ribbon.

Name Conversation-Starter Game

Name-Conversation-Starter-Game.jpgSome guests are too shy to share their life stories. Help them bypass the small talk and go straight for the good stuff with introductory cards that reveal shared interests or personal triumphs.

When a guest slides out her place card, she’ll see an arrow pointing to the left with the name of the person seated there, plus an interesting tidbit (e.g., “Joel was a Connecticut tap-dancing finalist!”). A second arrow shares info on the person seated to her right.

This game relies on exact seating, so you will need to assign seats at each table and use these cards as place cards. First plot out your table and seating assignments, and gather information to use on the cards. Bonus points if you can gather two items for each person; this will let you give the people on the right and on the left different information.

Download the PDF in the color of your choice below, and replace our sample text with yours. The software will not let you save your modified cards, so proofread carefully before printing. You will have to print in batches of three.


Download the gray cards
Download the blue cards
Download the orange cards

Download Mirror: Click here

Print out the modified PDF onto card stock or heavy paper. To help keep track of which card belongs to which guest, write the name on the back in the appropriate section lightly with a pencil.

Cut into thirds between each card using a paper trimmer or a craft knife and metal straightedge (each card should be 3 2/3 inches wide; since the 2/3 inch is not marked on rulers, measure 3 5/8 inches in from each edge of the paper). Then use a corner punch to round off the corners of each card.

Get More Templates Here


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