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Pink and Champagne Wedding Color Scheme

This wedding color palette romantic and so feminine, yet sophisticated. A warm champagne tone with a blush pink can work in anything from an estate setting to a ballroom. In anything from bridal shoes to your delicious signature cocktail, this color palette has everything! Read More

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Pink & Purple Wedding Color Schemes

Purples & Pink have become a very popular option for wedding colour schemes these days. There are few colors that can be both masculine and feminine at the same time, and there are more than enough shades of purple & pink to choose from. Read More


Top 20 Engagement Rings by Blue Nile Top 20 Engagement Rings by Blue Nile
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Beautiful Pink Diamond Engagement Ring Collection

The pink diamonds are a great way to achieve a sense unique to a ring that can not be identical with the traditional transparent diamonds. The colored diamonds are very rare, and probably very expensive. These stones keep the minerals inside the stone, producing color. Read More

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Bridesmaid Dress Colors

It is perfectly acceptable to choose your favorite color, the one included in your color palette to express your taste and personality regarding the bridesmaids outfits. Remember that every color has negative and positive connotations, and even combinations of colors can emphasize a chromatic aspect. Read More

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Bridesmaid Dress Trends For 2011

As each year comes with others collections for sure that you are interested in this even for a wedding. And mostly for a wedding when not only the bride’s outfit is important but the bridesmaids look counts a lot. Read More

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Colors Of Bridesmaid Dresses

Compared to wedding gowns, the style of bridesmaids dresses are alway simple. As to color, these are a lot to choose from.

Pink Bridesmaid Dresses
Pink are popular with many bridesmaids. It is low-key but without losing the gorgeous. And pink bridesmaid dresses can make them look beautiful without losing lovely.


Blue Bridesmaid Dresses
In ocean wedding, beach wedding and garden wedding, blue is a best chioce. Because this color can give you a comfortable feeling. When bridesmaids choose blue bridemaid dresses, it will be a bright scenery in outdoor wedding.

Champagne Bridesmaid Dresses
This color can bring out the beauty of skin. And champagne bridemaid dresses can show the elegant of wedding. And champagne is going well with church wedding and hotel wedding.

Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses
Yellow is a warm and light color. Many bridemaids always choose yellow as their dresses color, which can increase the beautiful scenery for the wedding.

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