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Top 20 Engagement Rings by Blue Nile

Top 20 Most Popular (Best Sellers) Elegant Engagement Rings by Blue Nile. As the largest online retailer of certified diamonds, engagement rings and fine jewelry, Blue Nile offers outstanding quality, selection, and value. Read More

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25 Engagement Rings Under $5,000

Tiffany & Co., Neil Lane, and many more designer engagement rings that all cost less than $5,000 (and quite a few under $2,000!) each. Read More


Top 20 Engagement Rings by Blue Nile Top 20 Engagement Rings by Blue Nile
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Celebrity Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Emerald cut engagement rings are usually made of diamonds with a long rectangular shape and all the corners are slightly trimmed. These rings are often embedded with stone accents to provide added emphasis. This is the most common cut when it comes to diamond engagement rings because if its versatility. It can fit any and numerous numbers of different designs. This is found in alignment together with the band that is very unusual to find. Read More

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Tiffany Elegant Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

3 Tiffany Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Dramatic & Elegant Princess-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

This popular diamond cut has a presence that is both elegant and dramatic.
0.25 carat ($1,490)
0.5 carat ($2,920)
1.0 carat ($9,100)



Tiffany Bezet Princess-Cut Diamond Ring

Tiffany Bezet follows the contours of a
princess-cut diamond, accentuating its
shape in a streamlined platinum bezel setting.
Elegant, modern and simply radiant.
0.25 carat ($2,100)
0.5 carat ($3,980)
1.0 carat ($10,600)

Tiffany Grace: Princess-cut Diamond Engagement Ring


A platinum band with scintillating round brilliant diamonds complements the pure radiance of a
princess-cut diamond.
0.25 carat ($3,240)
0.5 carat ($4,300)
1.0 carat ($10,000)

Tiffany Store Locations

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Pink Sapphire Engagement Rings Collection

Pink sapphire is the most feminine of precious gems, with a pastel color that ranges from powder puff pink to bubble gum to honeysuckle. Brilliant and durable, pink sapphire rings combine the lasting value of sapphire with the sweetness of pink. Read More

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Unique Platinum & Diamond Wedding Rings

Nothing holds a diamond more securely than platinum. An engagement ring symbolizes love and represents a promise, so you should select a ring that lasts forever. A platinum setting puts the diamond on display while ensuring that it will be held securely for the lifetime you spend together. Read More

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