Beach Bridal Hairstyles

A hairstyle for a beach wedding should be something that is low maintenance and won’t get messy easily. Also, keep in mind that beach weddings are generally more casual affairs. A tight and intricate updo would look out of place at most beach weddings, so think simple when choosing your hairstyle.

Surf’s Up

Surfs-Up-Wedding-hairstyle-mini-crown.jpgGo with the flow via tousled mermaid hair and a coral-and-shell mini crown. Stylist amped up bride’s naturally straight hair by setting damp locks in large stand-up pincurls until dry, then carefully unfurling each section with her fingers.

Flower Power

Beach-Bridal-Hairstyles-Flower-Power.jpgTo get this soft upsweep, stylist advises misting hair with a few spritzes of water until damp, then working in a styling mousse and blow-drying on a low setting, scrunching in waves with fingers as you go. Next, roll and pin hair into a loose bun and accent with fresh plumeria blossoms. Key to success: using a curling iron after blow-drying to ensure extra wave in the front sections of hair.

Beachy Keen

Beach-Updo-Wedding-Hairstyles.jpgAn updo anyone can master is a precious commodity. It begins with styling cream worked through slightly damp hair, says stylist. Scrunch-dry to coax in that all-important texture, then make a center part and two loose braids. Coil both braids behind the head, and pin each into place as you go. Top with a narrow band, and voilà: A beach princess is born.

Hippie Chic

Hippie-Chic-Wedding-Hairstyles.jpgGidget meets Kate Hudson in this beach-appropriate coif. To do: Work a styler through damp hair from roots to ends. Next, set hair in angelic, delicate waves by making teeny-tiny braids and letting them air-dry. Pin the center section of hair back, leaving a few loose pieces around the hairline to frame the face.

Hippie Flower Headpieces

Hippie-Flower-Headpieces.jpgI just love these flower child headpieces perfect for an outdoor summer wedding. The boutique designer, Little Doe makes each silk, feather, antique material, or faux flower piece by hand (that’s right – no two are alike) and she’ll even make you one just as you want it. Pick your color, your materials, your flower, etc and her nature-inspired design will set you apart from the pack. The designer  calls her collection “a little bit hippie, and a little bit Native American, with a little bit of craftiness,” all woven together flawlessly. Paired with a formal Monique gown or a simple little beach number – Love it!

Tropical Punch

Beach-Wedding-Hairstyles-Tropical-Punch.jpgGorgeous, goddesslike hair happens by using a curling iron to sculpt side-parted hair into sexy, spiraling waves. Absolutely do not use a comb or brush after styling, the point is to keep the hair piece-y and defined. (Enamel-on-tulle necklace and gown by Vera Wang)

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