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Searching for bridal magazines that suit your personal style? Here is the most complete list of wedding publications on the web. Enjoy!

List of Bridal Publications:



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  2. im engaged to my sweetheart jordan and i need lots of help planning and decorating ect. basicaly ne thing u can think of. this is my first weddings and i want it to be a special time for me and jordan and family and friends. thank you

  3. A wedding is the ceremony in which two people (bride and groom) are united in marriage or a similar institution. The couples, who are the most wonderful couple, perform various rituals and customs at the auspicious occasion, of course under the delights of the Almighty. Marriage in India, known as shadi is the wonderful representation of country’s traditional and cultural features. The different characteristics of Indian decide different wedding cultures from location to location. But the value continues to be the same i.e. getting married sacredly with each other.

    The big fat Native Indian wedding does not last for a day. Actually, the traditions start from few several weeks before D-Day. The pre-wedding traditions are used to begin the new connection between the two family members. Traditions and culture such as fixing the date and time of the wedding, haldi, mehendi, sangeet, engagement and tilak are belong to pre-wedding events. In pre wedding rituals, the family members of both the bride and the bridegroom visit each other person’s home and exchange comprehensive gifts along with candies and dry fruit.

    The pre-wedding traditions and culture are followed by the big occurrence, wedding. The day of good celebration provides the holy foundation to the several for getting married with each other and wedding vows to take each other person’s obligations throughout the lifestyle. Trading garlands, going for walks seven units of holy flame, implementing the vermillion and knotting the mangalsutra are such traditions, which are conducted during the wedding day. After doing all these culture programs, the woman has to depart for her new house by saying thank you to her mother, father, brother, sister and their other relatives

    The party and pleasure of the weddings in India are not enclosed to just the big event. In fact, the traditions also go way beyond to the publish wedding days. As the woman gets there at the bridegrooms home, the household welcome her in lavish style by putting a wonderful party. But along with the parties, the newlywed couple also conducted various traditions and culture under the assistance of older close relatives. After all the traditions complete, the couple begins planning for fulfilling honeymoon vacation.

    Furthermore, preparing for Native indian wedding is not an easy job, particularly for the bride’s family.

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